Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian Cherry - JatobaBotanical Name: Hymenaea, courbaril

Brazilian Cherry is a domestic trade name for Jatoba, an extremely durable wood found throughout South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Far exceeding North American Cherry in hardness, it resembles American Cherry in color, though darker with a darker, striped pattern of grain. With yellow, pink, red, and dark reds, its color will change over time toward a deep red color.
  • Specifications

    • Wood Species: Brazilian Cherry - Jatoba
    • Edge Type: Micro Bevel
    • Wear Layer: 3mm
    • Number of Layers: 7
    • Finish: Semi-Gloss
    • Installation Type: Nail Down or Glue Down
    • Warranty: 25 Years limited residential finish
    • Grade: Select
    • Color : Natural
    • Thickness: 9/16"
    • Widths available: 3.5" and 5"
    • Length: Random Length