Preventive Maintenance and Care of Hardwood Flooring

Practical reminders to help maintain the beauty of your wood floors:

Avoid walking on your hardwood floors with cleated shoes or high heels. A person with high heels can exert a 2,000 pounds pressure per square inch, and an exposed heel nail can exert up to 8,000 pounds per square inch! All hardwoods can be dented under this kind of pressure.

Use throw rugs both inside and outside exterior doorways to help prevent grit and dirt from being tracked into the room. This will reduce fine abrasion and small scratches in the finish.

Never wet-mop a hardwood floor. Excess or standing water will dull the finish, create a discolored residue, or even damage the wood. Use a damp mop, or wipe up spills immediately with a slightly dampened towel. For cleaning, use refreshers or no-wax cleaners.

Put soft plastic or fabric-faced glides under the legs of furniture to protect your floors from scuffing and heavy scratches. When moving furniture without glides, pick up the furniture completely to protect the wood flooring.