About Dyerich Flooring Designs

At Dyerich, we believe there is simply no substitute for a wood floor because the beauty of natural wood flooring can neither be imitated, nor surpassed.

The distinctive signature of wood floors is more than a design element; it is a statement by its owner and a choice for living well in a beautiful environment. Our product line is streamlined to emphasize the simplicity and elegance of natural wood, backed by a commitment to quality and efficient service.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal - the beauty and perfection of a hardwood floor, and the satisfaction of having made the right choice. We know that that the rewards of this choice are as timeless as
the beauty of our products.

We use only the highest grades of hardwood available. We can advise you regarding species stability particular to your location, environment, and maintenance issues. These are important considerations.

Dyerich carries the most beautiful Domestic and Exotic species including White Oak, Maple, Jatoba, Kempas, Merbau, Bamboo, and many more.

Various trims and moldings are available such as Base Shoe, Quarter Round, Reducer, Stair Nose, Threshold, T Molding and Wall base.